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Aysha Begum

Aysha Begum New beginnings through STEP

Before Aysha joined the Support To Employment Programme (STEP), she had no idea on what she wanted to do, being unemployed began to create a negative impact on her self-confidence. Aysha had been on employment programmes before but they had little effect on her road to employment.

The STEP programme has not only enabled Aysha to take a step towards employment but has given her numerous opportunities, increasing her self-confidence and giving her a “can-do” attitude.

Aysha has now gained work experience at KNK Building services in Bermondsey as an administration assistant.

Aysha said: “The STEP programme catered around what I needed, the one to one advice sessions I had with my Employability and Engagement Officer, Neda, guided me through what was needed for success on my journey to employment.”

“Before I came to STEP I thought the way I went about searching for employment were good but as I went along to the sessions I learnt so many tips and other more productive and effective ways to search for work.”

“I found myself networking among other members of businesses and organisations. The professional contact list I have gained through my time in STEP could not have been possible without this fantastic programme!”

“The atmosphere at Gateway Housing was also enriching, staff members were always positive and took a keen interest in my progress. ‘The STEP programme provided me with the perfect environment to learn, develop and shape my professional path.”

“Neda has been an anchor of support for me and many others alike and has been there throughout the different stages of my progress. ‘It’s all thanks to the Gateway Team and Neda the driving force of STEP, who has always stayed positive and delivered encouragement and superb advice that always led to a chain reaction of possibilities and opportunities!”