A building defect is the failure of a component of a building, the poor performance of materials and inadequate workmanship. It is your responsibility to report what you think may be a defect. You should report all defects within the defects liability period. In this page you can find the answers to some of the most common questions about defects.

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Is there a defects inspection before purchasing?

Yes, you can do this at the purchase inspection.

At the point of handover we will need to carry out a purchase inspection. This will ensure that all outstanding defects are logged and reported to the contractor or developer to fix them. A copy of the purchase inspection report will be issued to you at the point of completion. 

It is usual for minor defects to be noted at this early stage into the defect period but not repaired as it may be more appropriate to complete the repair at the end of defect liability period. This will clearly depend on the nature of the defect however.


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