A building defect is the failure of a component of a building, the poor performance of materials and inadequate workmanship. It is your responsibility to report what you think may be a defect. You should report all defects within the defects liability period. In this page you can find the answers to some of the most common questions about defects.

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What happens after I report a defect?

After a defect is reported the customer services team will then log the defect and get in touch with the contractor responsible who in turn will make contact with you to attend to the problem within a set period of time.  For example if the defect is minor then it will have a target completion time of 28 days. 

We will only take action on defects that are logged with us within the first 12 months of the property being handed over to us. It will be made clear to you when you move into your new home when the defect liability period ends.

At the end of the set time period for the completion of the defect the customer service team will contact the contractor to confirm if the work has been completed. If the work is outstanding then we will chase it up accordingly, being mindful to keep you informed as progress is made.


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