A building defect is the failure of a component of a building, the poor performance of materials and inadequate workmanship. It is your responsibility to report what you think may be a defect. You should report all defects within the defects liability period. In this page you can find the answers to some of the most common questions about defects.

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What happens after the end of defects liability inspection?

Following the inspection we will write to you with the agreed list of defects and this list will also be formally issued to the contractor or developer. The contractor or developer will then contact you to arrange a convenient time to undertake the repairs.

When the defect has been repaired by the contractor or developer, you will be asked to sign to say that the defect has been completed to your satisfaction. Please ensure that you only sign for those defects that have been completed so that we are able to track those which remain outstanding.

If you have decorated prior to the end of defect liability period, the contractor or developer may not be able to match your amended decorations if repairs are undertaken.


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