A building defect is the failure of a component of a building, the poor performance of materials and inadequate workmanship. It is your responsibility to report what you think may be a defect. You should report all defects within the defects liability period. In this page you can find the answers to some of the most common questions about defects.

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What happens at the end of the defects liability period?

Towards the end of the defect liability period we will write to you to arrange access for the end of defect inspection for your property. The inspection will be attended by a representative from Gateway along with the projects Clerk of Works, employer’s agent [surveyor], and a representative from the contractor. 

If you are not able to be at home for the inspection, please make sure that you make us aware of the defects before the date of the inspection. If you do not allow access for the inspection then it is likely that your defects may not be dealt with.

At the inspection you have the chance to tell us about any defects you think that needs to be rectified. The inspection team will need to agree that the items you raise are in fact defects and therefore we always suggest that you compile a list of potential defects in advance of the inspection date. 
A list of defects will be noted and agreed as part of the inspection process and you will be asked to sign to acknowledge these.


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