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Akin Durowoju, Director of Development

Akin Durowoju   Akin Durowoju is a Chartered Surveyor providing housing regeneration and development solutions. He is also keen on personal leadership having managed several diverse teams of development, regeneration, designers and strategists.
Akin has over 22 years experience of working in the housing sector with Housing Associations and has successfully delivered on major Housing Regeneration & Development schemes across East London and Major Infrastructure projects in the Kent Thames Gateway area. He has a keen interest in placemaking, supporting the innovative delivery of housing and fostering local partnerships. 

Akin works in a voluntary capacity as the Chair of a North London Housing Association and is committed to supporting vulnerable people, those in need of housing and the visually impaired.
In his new role as Development Director, Akin will lead on developing delivery models with the private sector and Registered Providers. His main focus will be on developing new homes and sustainable communities where people want to live and delivering the ambitious growth programme at Gateway.