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At Gateway, we are committed to involving and empowering our residents in how we run our service. There are many ways you can get involved.

Resident Forums

Tenants’ Forum

The Tenants’ Forum is the main consultative group representing General needs tenants and is our newest forum which was established in June 2012.

The Tenants’ Forum was established to act as the main consultative forum for tenants living in Gateway properties and is used for consultation in relation to policy, procedures and strategies effecting Gateway tenants’.

The key role of the Tenants’ Forum is to:

  • work with Gateway to help shape its services and policies for the benefit of all tenants;
  • ensure that the views of  Gateway tenants are represented and
  • act as a forum for recognised Tenants and Residents’ Associations and Tenants Groups to discuss key issues.

The Tenants’ Forum currently meets quarterly and is open to all Gateway Tenants.

Influence rating: medium                  Time rating: 2 hours every 3 months


Sheltered Housing Forum

The Sheltered Housing Forum is the main consultative group representing sheltered residents and meets every three months and is open to residents from all our sheltered-housing schemes.

The Sheltered Forum meetings rotate at different sheltered schemes and attendance at meetings are good and range between 15 and 20 residents.

The key aims are to represent sheltered residents’ interests on all matters relating to housing services, policies and practices affecting Gateway sheltered properties.

  • provide a strategic forum for sheltered residents
  • opportunity for individual residents to communicate and discuss issues of common concern.
  • consider and respond to consultations about any matters affecting sheltered residents.
  • review any existing or future policies and procedures likely to affect sheltered residents living in Gateway properties.

Influence rating: medium            Time rating: 2 hours every 3 months


Leaseholders’ Forum

The Leaseholders’ Forum is the main consultative group representing Leaseholders’ and shared owners and was established in 2009. It is open to all Leaseholders’ and shared owners and has influenced a number of key issues including Leasehold service standards and Service Charge consultation process.

The group currently meets a couple of times a year.

Influence rating: medium         Time rating: 2 hours every 3 months


Young Persons Forum

The Young Person’s Forum is the main forum for our younger residents aged 13 to 24 and was formed in 2009 and currently has around 20 young people on our data base.

The Young Persons Forum took the decision not to meet up formally, but be consulted by email and phone. Gateway has organised activities and events by consulting the Young Persons Forum including using webinar and other social media tools.

We have had representatives from the Young Persons Forum attend other meetings from time to time.

Influence rating: low/medium          Time rating: 1 hour every 3 months


Disabled Residents’ Forum

The Disabled Residents’ Forum meets six monthly and is open to all disabled residents and their carers.  The group looks at issues that affect disabled residents and monitors our ‘disability equality action plan’ (how we make our services accessible to disabled people).

Influence rating: low/medium            Time rating: 2 hours every 6 months

Resident Scrutiny Panel

The Scrutiny Panel is the main resident group within our Involvement structure and was established in May 2011 to scrutinise Gateway’s service areas and make recommendations for service improvement.

The Scrutiny Panel’s main remit is to:

  • take an independent view of Gateway performance
  • establish priorities for reviewing performance
  • oversee resident led scrutiny activities
  • collect evidence to enable services to be scrutinised

The Scrutiny Panel has the same level of influence as our formal committees and has a direct link to the Board, including having a Board member attend meetings as an observer and meets every two months.

There are twelve members on scrutiny panel which meets every two months.

Influence rating: high                Time rating: 2-4 hours per month

Resident Associations

A Residents’ Association is a way for residents to get involved at a local level. A Residents’ Association often represents the interests of the local area and can help to bring communities closer together. Typically a Residents’ Association may choose to campaign around common issues, as well as organising fun days and social events. We provide support including providing grants and training.

In addition, all 14 sheltered schemes have a local Tenant Involvement Group (TIG), which allows our sheltered residents to discuss key issues at a local level.

Below is a list of resident associations:

Table of residents' associations


Central Ocean Residents’ Association (CORA)

Bale Rd, Bohn Rd, Dongola Rd, Duckett St, Ocean St, E1

Constant & Holmsdale TRA

Constant House & Holmsdale House, E14 0AS

Turners Road and Locksley TRA

Turners Road, Locksley Street, E3 4LE

Huddleston Close TRA

Huddleston Close, Parmiter Street, E2 9NR

Roger Dowley Court Residents’ Association

Roger Dowley Court (Leaseholders), Russia Lane, E2 9NJ

Parfett, Fordham, Myrdle TRA (PFM TRA)

Parfett St, Fordham St, Myrdle St,  New Rd,  E1 1HR

David Hewitt House Residents’ Group

David Hewitt House (Leaseholders), 38 Watts Grove, E3 3RF

Lennox House Residents Association

Lennox House, Cresset Road, Hackney, E9 6SE

Betty May Gray Residents Association

Betty May Gray House, Pier Street, E14 3HX

Ducere Residents Association

Ducere House, Viaduct Street, E2 0DZ

Grove Green Group

Grove Dwellings, Adelina Grove, E2

Influence rating:  medium         Time rating: 1-2 hours every 2 months

Board and Committee

The Board is our highest form of involvement and oversees the strategic direction of Gateway. Residents can sit on our Board and influence the way our organisation is run at a strategic level.

All Board members go through a thorough selection process, including completing an application form and attending an interview.  We currently have two residents’ on our Board, which accounts for a quarter overall. The Board currently meets bi-monthly and has other sub committees.

Influence rating: high                Time rating: 2-4 hours per month

Resident Approved Group

You can help us by becoming part of our ‘Resident Approved’  readers’ group which looks at the information we send to residents to assess how easy to read and understand they are. Examples of information we might ask you to look at are as follows:

  • Open Door Newsletter
  • Annual Report
  • Leaflets
  • Handbooks

Influence rating: low/medium            Time rating: periodically 30 minutes

Mystery Shopping

We have a trained pool of mystery shoppers, who carry out two mystery shops per year. They provide mystery shops by visiting the office, telephoning and email and these feed into how we can improve our services.

Mystery shoppers receive gift vouchers for taking part.  We do not tell our staff who the mystery shoppers are.

Influence rating: medium            Time rating: 2-4 hours every 6 months

Resident Inspectors

Resident Estate inspectors are trained residents, who carry out inspections on the estate services provided by Gateway on behalf of residents.

The role of the Resident Estate Inspectors are to assess the standards of the estate services and to provide a residents assessment on whether Gateway is meeting its current service standards.

Influence rating: low              Time rating: periodically 30 minutes

Satisfaction Surveys

We carry out a variety of satisfaction surveys throughout the year, These surveys identify current satisfaction levels and identify areas for improvement.

The key resident satisfaction survey is the annual star survey which is sent by an independent company to a sample of our residents to get an overall view of our services and how we are doing.

Influence rating: medium            Time rating: periodically 30 minutes

More ways to get involved

Focus groups

We hold focus groups occasionally to look at specific areas of our service.  People who come to these groups give their opinions on how we are performing and how we can improve our service.  They could tell us what they think about our repairs and maintenance service, or our service to disabled residents, for example.

Influence rating: medium          Time rating: periodocally 1-2 hours


Residents Sounding Board

The Residents’ Sounding Board is our main resident involvement data base. We currently have around 170 residents on our Sounding Board.

The Sounding Board is used periodically for consultation purposes and includes all our residents involved in various activities, including Residents Groups and Forums.

Influence rating: medium          Time rating: periodically 1 hour


Annual Residents’ event

Each year we hold an annual resident event ‘Residents’ Fair’. The Residents’ Fair is an opportunity for all our residents to attend and take part in interactive voting to highlight priorities for the coming year and question our Senior Management Team.

The Residents’ Fair has a fun element to it and attendance last year was over 130 residents.

Residents can get involved in the planning for the event, including deciding on the venue and hosting stalls.

Influence rating: low/medium           Time rating: 2-4 hours per annum


Interviews and selection panels

Residents have recently helped us to choose our new contractor.  Other residents also helped to carry out interviews for the Residents’ Panel and even helped to recruit our Chief Executive.

Influence rating: medium              Time rating: periodically 2-4 hours


Residents’ training

We provide training for residents who want to be involved and would like to improve their skills to help them be involved.  This could include training on chairing meetings, taking minutes, understanding financial information or learning how a housing association is run.

Influence rating: low/medium        Time rating: periodically 2-4 hours


Individual responses

You can tell us your thoughts and suggestions about how we can improve our services at any time, through our website, by email, by phone or by dropping into our office.  Our contact details are on the back page of this leaflet.

Influence rating: low                 Time rating: periodically 30 minutes

Scrutiny Panel

Gateway logo                                                              Residents' Scrutiny Panel logo


Scrutiny Panel


Current Members


  • Aminul Hoque -Chair
  • Ian Marks
  • Muna Mohamed
  • Stephen Hull
  • Ruhel Ahmed
  • Walter Berwick
  • Abul Hussain
  • Laura Newey



Interested in Resident Scrutiny? Want to find out the difference Scrutiny is making? Why not contact us direct…


We want to hear from YOU….


The Scrutiny Panel is committed to listening to residents on what matters most and hearing from YOU about the priorities for future Scrutiny.


If you want to find out more about what we have been doing, why not ask us direct, you can now email us at



Scrutiny Panel Vacancy


Could you be the person that the Scrutiny Panel is looking for?


Even though we are really proud to have recruited  4 new members last year, the Panel are still looking for new people to get involved, in particular more women to come forward…so if you want to find out more, please get in touch with Mo Ali Head of Community Investment on 020 8709 4381 for an informal chat or email