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When can I expect to be consulted about work to be carried out to the property or estate?

If major works that will cost more than £250 for any one leaseholder are required, we are obliged to serve notice on you of our intention to carry out the work and why it is necessary, we will:

• advise all residents and any recognised residents associations of the proposed works, specification, and the contractors who we will ask to tender for the work;
• ask all residents and any recognised residents association if they want to suggest any other contractor who might be suitable to do the work, and can meet our requirements (you will be given at least 30 days to comment);
• provide details of the tenders received and which one we intend to use. You will receive a statutory consultation notice and be given at least one month to provide us with comments and
• summarise comments received and how we have been able to accommodate them, or explaining why we cannot do so.

Wherever possible we will provide more information about dates of work and access requirements.


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