Resident Associations

Residents’ association and groups are a way for Gateway residents to get involved at their local level.

Typically, groups and associations may choose to campaign around common issues, as well as organising fun days and social events.

Gateway provides support including grants and training.

Below is a list of our resident associations and residents groups:

Central Ocean Residents’ Association (CORA)

Bale Rd, Bohn Rd, Dongola Rd, Duckett St, Ocean St, E1

Constant & Holmsdale Tenants & Residents Association

Constant House & Holmsdale House, E14 0AS

Turners Road and Locksley Tenants & Residents Association

Turners Road, Locksley Street, E3 4LE

Huddleston Close Tenants & Residents Association

Huddleston Close, Parmiter Street, E2 9NR

Roger Dowley Court Residents’ Association

Roger Dowley Court (Leaseholders), Russia Lane, E2 9NJ

David Hewitt House Residents’ Group

David Hewitt House (Leaseholders), 38 Watts Grove, E3 3RF

Lennox House Residents Association

Lennox House, Cresset Road, Hackney, E9 6SE

Pier Street Gardens Residents Association

Betty May Gray House, Pier Street, E14 3HX

Ducere Residents Association

Ducere House, Viaduct Street, E2 0DZ

32 Bow Road Residents’ Association

Bow Road, Bow, E3 4LN

Grove Greening Group

Grove Dwellings, Adelina Grove, E2

Sheltered Groups

The following is a list of Sheltered Tenant Involvement Groups (TIG) and Social Funds.

Bustaan Radaa, Old Bethnal Green Road, Pollard Row E2

  • Bustaan Radaa TIG
  • Bustaan Radaa Tenants’ Assoc

Edith Ramsay House, Duckett Street, London E1 4DT

  • Edith Ramsay House TIG
  • Edith Ramsay House Social Club

Hugh Platt House, Patriot Square, London E2 9NS

  • Hugh Platt House TIG
  • Hugh Platt Tea/Social Club

Lawrence Close, 85 Malmesbury Road, London E3 2BQ

  • Lawrence Close TIG
  • Lawrence Close Social Fund

John Tucker House, 40 Mellish Street, London E14 8NS

  • John Tucker House TIG
  • John Tucker Tea Club
  • Greenside Upside Gardening Club

Mosque Tower, 1 Fieldgate Street, London E1 1JU

  • Mosque Tower TIG
  • Mosque Tower Tenants Assoc

Mandela House, 79 Virginia Road, London E2 7NN

  • Mandela House TIG
  • Mandela House Social Fund

Regency Court, Norman Grove, London, E3 5EG

  • Regency Court TIG
  • Regency Court Social Fund

Rochester Court, Wilmot Street, London E2 0BP

  • Rochester Court TIG
  • Rochester Court Senior Citizens Social Club

Ruth Court, Medway Road, London, E3 5DS

  • Ruth Court TIG
  • Ruth Court Social Club

William Cubitt Lodge, Pier Street, London, E14 3HS

  • William Cubitt Lodge TIG
  • William Cubitt Lodge Social Club

Ted Roberts House, Parmiter Street, London, E2 9NH

  • Ted Roberts House TIG
  • Ted Roberts House Social Fund

Vic Johnson House, 74 Armagh Road, London E3 2HT

  • Vic Johnson House TIG
  • Vic Johnson Social Club

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