Resident Forums

Tenants’ Forum

The Tenants’ Forum is the main consultative group representing General needs tenants and is our newest forum which was established in June 2012.

The Tenants’ Forum was established to act as the main consultative forum for tenants living in Gateway properties and is used for consultation in relation to policy, procedures and strategies effecting Gateway tenants’.

The key role of the Tenants’ Forum is to:

  • work with Gateway to help shape its services and policies for the benefit of all tenants;
  • ensure that the views of  Gateway tenants are represented and
  • act as a forum for recognised Tenants and Residents’ Associations and Tenants Groups to discuss key issues.

The Tenants’ Forum currently meets quarterly and is open to all Gateway Tenants.

Influence rating: medium                  Time rating: 2 hours every 3 months


Sheltered Housing Forum

The Sheltered Housing Forum is the main consultative group representing sheltered residents and meets every three months and is open to residents from all our sheltered-housing schemes.

The Sheltered Forum meetings rotate at different sheltered schemes and attendance at meetings are good and range between 15 and 20 residents.

The key aims are to represent sheltered residents’ interests on all matters relating to housing services, policies and practices affecting Gateway sheltered properties.

  • provide a strategic forum for sheltered residents
  • opportunity for individual residents to communicate and discuss issues of common concern.
  • consider and respond to consultations about any matters affecting sheltered residents.
  • review any existing or future policies and procedures likely to affect sheltered residents living in Gateway properties.

Influence rating: medium            Time rating: 2 hours every 3 months


Leaseholders’ Forum

The Leaseholders’ Forum is the main consultative group representing Leaseholders’ and shared owners and was established in 2009. It is open to all Leaseholders’ and shared owners and has influenced a number of key issues including Leasehold service standards and Service Charge consultation process.

The group currently meets a couple of times a year.

Influence rating: medium         Time rating: 2 hours every 3 months


Young Persons Forum

The Young Person’s Forum is the main forum for our younger residents aged 13 to 24 and was formed in 2009 and currently has around 20 young people on our data base.

The Young Persons Forum took the decision not to meet up formally, but be consulted by email and phone. Gateway has organised activities and events by consulting the Young Persons Forum including using webinar and other social media tools.

We have had representatives from the Young Persons Forum attend other meetings from time to time.

Influence rating: low/medium          Time rating: 1 hour every 3 months


Disabled Residents’ Forum

The Disabled Residents’ Forum meets six monthly and is open to all disabled residents and their carers.  The group looks at issues that affect disabled residents and monitors our ‘disability equality action plan’ (how we make our services accessible to disabled people).

Influence rating: low/medium            Time rating: 2 hours every 6 months

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