The WOW! Awards

WOW Awards

The WOW! Awards is the UK's only national customer service awards based purely on customer nominations.

We participate in the WOW! Awards to offer a way for you to say thank you to staff who went the extra mile to help you and gave you the WOW! factor.

Make a nomination today!

Gateway Housing Association values exceptional service, both externally to our customers, and internally across our organisation, working together to provide a consistently positive service.

Anyone can make a nomination to one of our staff members as long as they meet our three criteria:

  1. The nomination has to be about something that makes people go "WOW!" because it is an example of great customer service
  2. The nomination needs to be about something that happened recently, not something which took place a long time ago
  3. It must be about a genuine customer service experience - something that has happened to you personally and which has impressed you

If you would like to nomination a member of staff for a WOW! Award, please fill out the nomination form below: