Anti-Social Behaviour


ASB can make life unpleasant and can lead to an increase in serious crimes, as well as make residents fearful in their communities. Therefore, while we encourage residents to be tolerant of other people's lifestyles, we also advise everyone to be conscious of how one's behaviour can affect neighbours.

Dealing with Anti-Social Behaviour

  1. What is anti-social behaviour?
  2. What is not treated as anti-social behaviour?
  3. Is noise considered antisocial behaviour?
  4. How to report anti-social behaviour?
  5. Can I talk to the person involved?
  6. What about crimes and emergencies
  7. How does Gateway Housing Association deal with anti-social behaviour reports?
  8. What will we do?
  9. Can legal action be taken?
  10. What about confidentiality?
  11. Community trigger
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What about confidentiality?

We will not reveal any information that would make you identified to the alleged perpetrator when investigating anti-social behaviour cases.

However, the alleged perpetrator may work out where the information had come from, depending on circumstances. Also, unless it is a criminal matter that the police have informed us of, we cannot, usually, take action against someone without speaking to them. This means that your identity is likely to become known.

  1. Anti-Social Behaviour