Community Chest Grant

Our Community Chest Grant can help to support a new activity within the community


Before Covid-19, the Community Chest Grant successfully supported Gateway’s community groups by funding a variety of community activities.


Our Tenants Associations or Groups and Leaseholders Groups can apply for funding that will benefit a group or community. A group of General Needs tenants or Leaseholders can also apply, providing there is representation from Gateway Housing Association residents. Activities which promote community cohesion, healthy living and the wellbeing of the community will be supported. Applications for the community chest fund are allocated on a first come basis.


Examples of the types of activities the funds can be used for are:


  • Local fun days
  • Festive events
  • Clean up days
  • Gardening projects
  • After school / homework clubs
  • Child play schemes
  • Coastal trips
  • Museum visits, cultural or educational centres


Groups applying for the Community Chest Grant will need to complete a  Community Chest Application Form. The form can be returned either by post or email at