EWS1 - External Wall Systems requirement

We have now undertaken an EWS pilot to produce an EWS1 form for a block, and this has proved useful in forming a basis for the approach that we are planning to take across all assets. This comes in a number of stages, and a Red, Amber, Green (RAG) assessment is applied to assist with prioritising. This process to obtain an EWS1 certificate is an integral part of the External Wall Survey programme of works. The stages of which are outlined below:


Stage 0 – RAG Assessment (Desk-Top)

We are carrying out a full review and desktop assessment to assess the risk of all of our properties so that we can develop a programme based on priority, this is due to be completed by the 30th June 2021.


Stage 1 – Asset Survey

This is the next stage in conjunction with Stage 0. This includes;

  • Examine all property information 
  • Undertake a visual inspection and full drone survey
  • Identify on plan areas for potential inspection to satisfy EWS1 assessor (Fire Engineer).
  • Prepare a report together with recommendations to undertake necessary invasive surveys to secure the EWS1 form.


Stage 2 – Invasive Survey

This will be undertaken on a high to low priority basis subject to the findings at Stage 1

  • Invasive opening up and record digitally satisfactory areas
  • Fire Engineer to sign off EWS1 Form
  • Stage 2 report issued with recommendations, cost estimates, requirement and cost estimates for urgent remedial/temporary/safety work


Stage 3 – Remedial Works

This will be undertaken on a high to low priority basis subject to the findings at Stage 2

  • Carry out remedial works contract
  • Once remedial works are completed, Fire Engineer to sign off.
  • Reissue updated EWS1 from

Once Stage 0 is complete we’ll draft an update to let you know the RAG rating of your block, and the approximate timescales, if any additional work/investigation is needed. We can confirm from our initial findings that no blocks are considered to require ‘waking watch’ cover, which is implemented when there is a high risk of failure should a fire occur.

Please be assured that Gateway will continue to keep you updated on the progress of this work via our website, so please ensure we have a valid email or phone number for you. You can update your details by contacting leaseholders@gatewayhousing.org.uk

Should you have any questions relating to this letter, please do not hesitate to contact us.