Gateway's Corporate Strategy

We are launching our new corporate strategy for 2023 - 2026 where we will outline how we will continue our mission to support communities to thrive


One of our main priorities is to involve residents in what we are doing so they can be part of shaping the future of their homes and communities. Customers's opinions and lived experiences are important to us. They help us to develop better engaged services that cater for communities' varied needs.  


In November 2022, as part of the development of our 2023-2026 Corporate Strategy, we researched our customers to find out what their priorities are, and what is important to them. This was so we could incorporate customer’s views into our plans, and across service and performance improvements.


Gateway’s 2023 – 2026 Corporate Plan Customer Workshops 


The feedback included a range of opinions on our performance, to the quality of our service delivery. We compared the results to work in process, and our improvement plans, and filled gaps where we were not addressing customer's needs. We then set about creating new plans in response to this, as part of the ongoing work of the Gateway2Excellence Programme (G2E). This includes things like increased resident engagement, better communications with customers on a day-to-day and annual basis, and higher quality customer sservices responses. 


In March 2023, we hosted a series of customer workshops to share the results of the corporate strategy survey, and our plans to deliver an enhanced service with customers across general needs, enhanced housing, shared ownership, and leaseholder groups. These workshops took place at our Mile End Head Office, and online on Thursday 2 March, Saturday 4 March, and Tuesday 7 March. Session groups ranged from 6 to 14 people, where customers had the opportunity to have their views heard and were thanked for their time with a £25 gift voucher. 


We were able to provide clarity on improvements, and delved deeper into how we will develop a customer first culture at Gateway. We also obtained opinions on our performance and service offering, and feedback on lived experiences about how we can improve engagement and communication and manage service areas.


Our new Corporate Plan is due to be launched in Spring/Summer 2023.