Handy person service

Homeworks also provides a handyperson service to carry out small jobs for the over 60s and to residents who need assistance. Qualifying residents can book up to two appointments a year. The handy persons are multi-skilled, experienced, friendly and reliable.

As your landlord, we are committed to providing an excellent repairs and maintenance service. We also provide a quality service for our older and more vulnerable residents to help them with small jobs around the home.

If you are 65 or over, and lack the support of family or friends to assist you, we can help with a number of jobs which are not covered by our normal repairs service.

You can request this service a maximum of twice a year by calling our Customer Services team and asking for the handy person service.  You will be asked a few questions to confirm that you qualify for the service and to find out more about the jobs you would like us to carry out.

Not all jobs will qualify to be carried out under this service so please read the following guidelines carefully.

On Arrival

The Handy person will:

  • Show their identification
  • Confirm with you the work they need to do and tell you how long it will take
  • Let you know if they have to disconnect your gas, water or electricity to complete the works
  • Get permission from you before they start work
  • Be polite, respectful and professional at all times.

Small jobs Service

We will keep you safe by:

  • Removing trip hazards
  • Securing your carpets and rugs
  • Tidying up and securing electrical cables to your appliances
  • Fitting battery operated smoke detectors or carbon monoxide detectors.

We will keep you secure by:

  • supplying or fitting locks, chains and spyholes
  • carrying out home security checks.

We will make your home comfortable by:

  • moving furniture for you
  • draught-proofing your doors and windows
  • assembling flat pack furniture
  • fitting curtain rails and curtains provided by you.

We will do the following to help with minor repairs:

  • unblock waste pipes
  • repair faulty toilet flushes and dripping taps
  • bleed your radiators
  • fit or replace plugs and fuses.

What does our Service Not Cover?

The service is not intended to replace the repairs and maintenance responsibilities which are normally the responsibility of the tenant under the terms of their tenancy agreement.

Emergency, urgent and routine repairs which are the responsibility of the landlord should still be reported in the normal way.

Our Service Standards

When you contact us we will give you an appointment based on the availability of our handy person.

This can vary according to demand but we aim to offer appointments within 10 working days.

Your appointment will be between 8am and 5pm on a weekday and you can request up to two appointments a year.

How we monitor this service

We will leave you a feedback form so that you can have your say on how the job went. Your feedback will help us check the quality of the service we have provided and help us with improvements.

For more information contact us by phoning  0208 709 4300 or email: repairs@gatewayhousing.org.uk