CX Portal

As part of the ongoing development of the new MyGateway customer portal we are developing a user testing panel


The upcoming MyGateway customer portal will provide residents with more choice, convenience and flexibility to manage and maintain their home. Gateway's IT team have collaborated with other departments within the business to redesign our old customer portal from July 2022. The objective has been to design and build a customer portal that is better suited to residents needs and better helps them to manage and maintain their home as well as providing a secure and easy way to manage personal information.


MyGateway Customer Portal User Testing Panel


We want to involve residents in the ongoing development of the portal to ensure an enhanced service that is aligned to resident's needs. 


We are currently looking for residents to develop a MyGateway Customer Portal user testing panel to provide input into the design and ongoing development of the new portal to make sure it is fit for purpose, easy to use and supports providing an improved service to residents.


In July 2022, we initally reached out to our current online portal users asking them to provide feedback about how we could make the customer portal better for residents to use.


We hosted two focus group sessions. The first session looked at our current customer portal to see where residents thought it was lacking and the second session focused on showing residents a mock-up design of the new MyGateway customer portal that is replacing the old customer portal.


We still have a way to go but we plan to reach out to more residents to help us with the user testing stage once the new platform has been built.


If you are interested please reach out to use using this form. [add form].