Resident's Association and Groups

A Residents’ Association is a formal group of people including tenant and homeowners who live in a neighbourhood and meet to deal with concerns
affecting the community


Why start a Resident's Association?

Groups of residents might start a Resident's Association (RA) for the following reasons:

1. To engage with Gateway on developing solutions to issues. By meeting residents can communicate to share information, and to raise issues to be resolved, where the group can identify someone who can take responsibility for getting issues resolved.

2. To build a stronger community. By getting to know each other better and developing understanding of issues affecting the community, meetings can be resident led. This includes the appointment of resident officers who can take responsibility for the Resident Association and wider community to develop experience and insight about areas for development. Gateway in Resident's Associations also act as a bridge between landlord and residents to support engagement that helps to improve Gateway's performance.


Do you want to know more about setting up a Resident's Group?


Please see the below document, A guide to setting up and running a Resident's Assocation for more information.


A guide to setting up and running a Residents' Association


If you are interested in forming a Resident Association, or wish to know if there is one in your local area or want to find out more information, please contact the Resident Engagement Co-ordinator at or call 020 8709 4300.