Stock condition surveys of your home


What is a stock condition survey?

A stock condition survey is a visual inspection of the inside and outside of your home; it will take less than 30 minutes. The surveyor collects information on the condition of your home, looking specifically at two areas:

  • Stock condition – the surveyor will assess the age and condition of major elements in your home, such as the kitchen, bathroom, windows and doors.
  • The surveyor will carry out an energy survey, collecting information on features that allow us to calculate how energy efficient your home is.

We will ensure that we follow the latest government guidance relating to ‘Working safely during coronavirus in other people’s homes.


Why are we carrying out this survey?

The results of the stock survey will be used to help us understand the work required in the medium and long term to maintain your home. We are assessing our buildings for planned future repairs, maintenance and improvement work.


Who will be carrying out the survey?

Gateway Housing Association has employed Ridge and Partners LLP to carry out these surveys. The Surveyors name is Brian Barker. 

The surveyor will be wearing a photo ID badge to prove that they are a bona fide employee of Ridge and Partners.

If you have any doubts about the caller’s identity, please call Gateway Housing Association on 020 8709 4300.


When will the survey be carried out?


Brian Barker, Ridge and Partners LLP, will carry out surveys between November 2021 and March 2022. Visits will take place Monday to Friday, between 8 am, and 6 pm, and the survey should take no more than half an hour. During their visit, the surveyor will be looking outside and inside your property and will take photographs.


You do not need to take time off work or wait for a surveyor to call – we will do our best to work around you. If you are not home when a surveyor calls, they will leave a calling card asking you to make a convenient appointment. If you would like an appointment, please email Ridge and Partners at or 08000 862 542 and leave your name, address and contact number and a surveyor will ring you back to book a convenient appointment.


How we are working safely to protect you and our staff


To keep you and our staff safe we have put new measures in place for how we will carry out a survey in your home.


  • Our surveyors are working in line with the latest government safety guidelines around coronavirus. They are fully briefed around health and safety and social distancing while carrying out work in your home;


  • If you have symptoms of coronavirus, are self-isolating, or are shielding we will not survey your home until it is safe to do so. You can either notify us of this by phone or email or tell us when we visit your home;


  • Surveyors will use hand sanitiser before and after surveys, and on your request they can wear single use gloves and masks. Please let us know when we visit your home if you would like them to wear a mask and gloves;


  • When the surveyors arrive at your home they will ring the bell and then step back from the doorstep to keep a safe distance from you;


  • Surveyors will stay two metres apart from others where possible to follow social distancing requirements. They will let others pass or wait for clear access before starting surveying work, for example in a corridor;


  • Surveyors will speak to residents from a two metre distance;


  • While the survey takes place you can either stay if there is space to safely do so, or wait in another room until the survey is finished;


  • Surveyors will spend as short a time as possible in your home – usually around 15-20 minutes;


  • Surveyors will not touch anything unless absolutely necessary and they will clean any areas they have touched.


If you have any questions or concerns please get in touch at If you need this information in large print or in another language, please get in contact.


Please be kind and understanding towards our staff. They are working under difficult circumstances and following government guidelines about working in people’s homes to keep you, your family, themselves and their colleagues safe.



What is a Condition Survey?

A condition survey is a visual inspection of the fixtures and fittings in your home, such as kitchens, bathrooms, windows, doors, etc. to help us plan future investment in your home and all Gateway properties.

Will I know when the surveyor is calling?

Our surveyors will be carrying out approximately 2500 surveys over the next 3 months and therefore won’t normally be making specific appointments for all surveys. They will carry out surveys in your area during the timescale detailed in your letter.

Do I have to wait in for the surveyor?

In the majority of cases, you don’t need to take time off work or wait in. Our surveyors will knock to see if you’re at home in order to carry out the survey. If you’re not at home, they may look at your gardens, outside walls or surrounding areas. Our surveyors have a number of alternative addresses they can survey if you aren’t available. However, there are a number of homes that are unique and will need to be surveyed. If you live in one of these homes then you will be contacted by us to agree on a suitable time.

Where will the surveyor need access to?

The surveyor will need access to all rooms – downstairs and upstairs, cellars, some roof spaces, boiler, electric fuse box, gas meter, main stop tap, gardens and external boundaries. They’re looking at the condition of the home itself, not at how clean or tidy it is.

How long will the survey take?

The inspection should take approximately 15-45 minutes. This will vary however depending on the size of your property and whether the surveyor has already inspected similar properties in your street.

Why do you need to take photographs?

These will be of building components only (such as bathroom, kitchen, heating, windows, etc.). These are for our internal use only and will provide Gateway with a future reference of property attributes.

Does this mean I will be getting improvement works?

Not necessarily. The surveyor will be collecting information about the remaining life of various components such as kitchens, bathrooms, windows, boilers, etc. Once all the surveys are complete, the information will give a short, medium and long term view of future maintenance and improvement programmes.

Can I report repairs to the surveyor?

Our surveys are predominantly concerned with the assessment of when components need replacing rather than repairs. We would respectfully ask you to report these to the Gateway repairs team in the normal manner for remedial works.