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Financial assessments

Tower Hamlets council has a duty to carry out care assessments for some people - this is, considering what sort of help and support someone needs. Sometimes care assessments are called an assessment of your needs. Once your needs have been assessed, the local authority will make a decision about whether to offer you community care services, and if so, what sort.

When the local authority arranges or provides a place in a home for you, it must carry out a means-test of your income and capital to calculate how much you should pay towards the cost (unless the accommodation is provided as part of your after-care services under Section 117 of the Mental Health Act 1983). The local authority is obliged by law to do this.

The means-test will look at income and Capital includes savings and investments - and sometimes may include the value of any property which you own.

For further information and advice, contact the Financial Assessment Team on 020 7364 2038