Our Performance

As a responsible landlord, we ensure our Board, Executive Team, managers and staff are clear about our priorities and our business.

Performance across our business is reported reguarly to our senior management team and Board. We publish an Annual Report each year with information about our performance. (You can download our Annual Report here.)

You can see Gateway's Financial Statements 31 March 2018 here.

Gateway adopts the National Housing Federation (NHF) Code of Governance (2015) and NHF Code of Excellence in Standards of Conduct.

The Association is incorporated under the co-operative and Community Benefit Societies Act 2014 with Charitable objectives.

Gateway is financially strong. All our surplus funds are reinvested to improve services and build more homes.

The Operating surplus for 2017/18 was over £5m which is very healthy although down on last year. This was due to fewer shared ownership sales, one-off costs on the Care sector exit and set up costs for bringing planned works in house.

The budget for 2018/19 Operating surplus is set at over £6m.

Value for Money 2017/2018

In 2017/18, Gateway’s G1/V1 rating has been maintained.

Gateway is financially secure with further competitive funding secured in December 2017 for £20m.

Homeworks expanded to include kitchens, bathrooms, and cyclical decorations in its portfolio achieving 84% satisfaction across all services against a target of 95%.

This was however an improvement on the previous year of 70%.

The development pipeline remains strong and whilst no units were delivered in 2017/18, a number of schemes, including developing three sheltered schemes, are committed with funding in place.

Further funding will be secured in 2018-19 to ensure the target of building 500 new homes by 2020 is achieved.

Performance Highlights 2017/18
  Target Achieved
Rent arrears 3% 2.5%
Re-let turnaround time 20 days 18 days
Percentage of rent collected 100.5% 104.9%
Satisfaction with repairs and maintenance 95% 84%
Satisfaction with customer experience 90% 75%
Stage 1 complaints responded within 10 days 100% 100%



Investing in New Homes

In line with Gateway’s vision to build 500 new homes and following on from the 189 delivered to date, 2017/18 and 2018/19 have largely been devoted to acquiring and obtaining planning permission for new homes.

Gateway showed its commitment to the Mayor’s Homes for Londoners programme by starting the building of 79 new homes on site, and acquiring land for 78 affordable homes. This investment is worth £55m.

Investing in Existing Homes

Gateway is committed to ensuring all its homes meet Decent Homes Standards and that we continue to invest in these homes.

Over the next five years, a total of £24m is earmarked for investment in looking after and improving our assets.

As part of this, we plan to invest:

  •  £0.5m on new bathrooms
  • £1.7m on new kitchens
  • £0.4m on new boilers
  • £6.3m on cyclical maintenance
  • £2m on new windows

Complaints Performance 2017/18

The average time from receipt to resolution of complaints improved to 25 days in 2017-18 from 35 days in 2016-17.

  • Lettings comprised 30% of complaints, with the majority seeking to determine whether the “applicant is bidding correctly”, the “average wait for the bedroom size” and “what might be done to increase the likelihood of an offer”.
  • Responsive Repairs increased to 29% from 11% in the first six months.
  • Housing Management represented 24% of complaints, with the prevalent themes including tenancy management, ASB management, estate services and income service issues.
  • Asset Management accounted for 17% of enquiries, and the most common theme involved boiler and heating issues relating to the gas contractor service.

A key aspect of the complaints handling process is identifying areas for improvement in service processes and learning outcomes. This is reviewed consistently across the organisation.