Health, Housing and Positive Outcomes for Older People

Helath, Housing and Positive Outcomes Winter Warmers Programme

Health, Housing and Positive Outcomes for Older People

In December 2014, joint action to improve health through the home was agreed by a range of housing, health, local government and social care agencies. This undertaking committed housing and health bodies to working more closely together to support older members of the community. This also recognised the preventative role that good quality housing plays in reducing the need for health interventions and hospital admissions.

Tower Hamlets Clinical Commissioning Group and Gateway got together to pilot a new service for older people. The outcome of this joint initiative was our Winter Warmers Programme, that has led to positive benefits to customers.

Winter Warmers, now an annual programme, involves a survey to understand the situation, perceptions and experiences of our older residents. From this we then conduct follow up viists or referrals where needed. Our Winter Warmers reports draw together the findings and outcomes of our visits and demonstrates the positive impact that a preventative service offers to older people.




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Health, Housing and Positive Outcomes

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