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Top 3 in the 24Housing Top 50 Landlords

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We’re delighted to feature at number 3 in 24Housing’s national Top 50 Landlords list 2019.

The listing noted, ‘Gateway has risen considerably both on this list and in it’s standing in the sector’. It also highlighted our leadership on diversity and our ‘presence as a firm anchor in the community’.

“We’re working hard to improve our services and to have this recognised by the industry is hugely encouraging. But we won’t be resting on our laurels. Our most important audience is our residents. And when they say we’re best in class, we’ll know we’re there!” Kate Dodsworth, Chief Executive

We’re also very pleased to see our neighbours in the Borough, Tower Hamlets Homes made number 11 in the list and Tower Hamlets Community Housing made the list at number 41.