Asian and Somali elder schemes

We understand that moving out of a traditional family home can be a difficult decision. We believe that our BAME specific schemes offer a comfortable and welcoming environment that can ease this transition.

We have two specialist sheltered housing schemes, Mosque Tower and Bustaan Radaa, for Asian and Somali elders. These schemes reflect the needs of the community and are allocated to people over the age of 60. Mosque Tower

Residents have many reasons for chosing these schemes, which are more specific to their needs than traditional sheltered housing.  Our residents appreciate living in a like-minded community where they can share experience and beliefs. Other perks include the convenience of living close to a mosque and the additional social support and activities that we provide. 

Our BAME schemes are hubs for our wider cultural programme where we celebrate events such as Eid and Black History Month. These events are designed to be inclusive and welcoming and residents across all of our sheltered housing value these opportunities to celebrate our diversity and to make new connections.


Eid party Black History Month


Pictures l-r: Mosque Tower Eid party, Bustaan Radaa Black History Month celebrations

Both schemes are looked after by a scheme manager and have communal facilities and a prayer room. The scheme managers try to arrange activities for the residents that are interesting and culturally-relevant.


Mosque Tower, Fieldgate Street, E1 1JU

Mosque Tower is a scheme specifically for Asian and Somali elders. It has 29 one-bed flats and 2 two-beds. It is situated next to East London Mosque in Whitechapel. It has a communal lounge/kitchen, CCTV, communal balcony, prayer room and 2 lifts.


Bustaan Radaa, Pollard Row, E2 6NA

Bustaan Radaa is a scheme specifically for Somali elders. Opened in 2006, it has 16 flats (14 one-beds and 2 two-beds), with a communal lounge and kitchen, garden, laundry and prayer facilities.


To find out more about Mosque Tower or Bustaan Radaa sheltered schemes, please contact us