Bustaan Radaa

Bustaan Radaa, Pollard Row, Bethnal Green, E2 6NA

Bustaan Radaa is a scheme specifically for Somali elders and it has 14 one-bedroom flats and 2 two-bedroom flats, with a communal lounge and kitchen, garden, laundry and prayer facilities. Bustaan Radaa accepts people aged 55 or older.

Edith Ramsay House

Edith Ramsay House, Duckett Street, Stepney, E1 4TD

Edith Ramsay House has 36 one-bedroom flats on three floors with one lift. It has a large communal lounge and kitchen, laundry, guest room and garden.

The building underwent modernisation work in 2015 to renovate the beautfiul communal lounge. The scheme was re-launched in November 2015 by Rushanara Ali, MP for Bethnal Green and Bow.

The work has made the scheme a popular space for social activities. Resident, June Whitehead said, “I am pleased with the finished building work, my landing has had a new facelift with designer wallpapers, window blinds and decorative frames, they look rather wonderful. I am also very happy with our new communal lounge and all the lovely new furniture. I’d say it looks a hundred times better”. 

Hugh Platt House

Hugh Platt House, Patriot Square, Bethnal Green, E2 9NS

Hugh Platt House has 19 one-bedroom flats on three floors, with one lift. Most flats benefit from a private balcony or patio. There is a recently redecorated communal lounge and newly refurbished communal kitchen, laundry and garden. Hugh Platt House's roof has recently been replaced.

John Tucker House

John Tucker House, Mellish Street, Isle of Dogs, E14 8NS

John Tucker House has 36 one-bedroom flats, nine with wheelchair access. There is one lift. Facilities include a large communal lounge with kitchen, garden, disabled access bathroom and CCTV.

Lawrence Close

Lawrence Close, Bow, E3 2BQ

Lawrence Close has 30 one-bedroom flats and 1 two-bedroom flat over three floors, with one lift. One flat is wheelchair accessible. There is a communal lounge, kitchen and laundry. The scheme also benefits from CCTV.

Mandela House

Mandela House, Virginia Road, Bethnal Green, E2 7NN

Mandela House benefits from a great location in lively Bethnal Green, near Brick Lane. Mandela House was renovated in 2016, creating a colourful and stylish communal lounge, kitchen, computer room and luxury guest room. The scheme houses 28 spacious, self contained flats over 2 floors and a well fitted laundry. It also has a garden with a patio area leading from the lounge, that is enjoyed by the residents. Facilities include a laundry, lift and CCTV.

Mosque Tower

Mosque Tower, Fieldgate Street, Whitechapel, E1 1JU

Mosque Tower is a scheme for Asian and Somali elders. It has 29 one-bedroom flats and 2 two-bedroom flats. It has a communal lounge/kitchen, CCTV, communal balcony, prayer room and 2 lifts. Mosque Tower accepts people of age 55 or older.

Regency Court

Regency Court, Norman Grove, Bow, E3 5EG

Regency Court was completely refurbished in 2002. It has 20 one-bedroom flats, three adapted one-bedroom flats and seven studio flats. Four flats are wheelchair accessible. There is one lift. There is a communal lounge and kitchen, a disabled toilet and guestroom.

Rochester Court

Rochester Court, Wilmot Street, Bethnal Green, E2 0BP

Rochester Court is situated in an ideal spot in Bethnal Green, surrounded by local shops, a Post Office and GP services, as well as great transport links. The building contains 34 self contained flats and a very well maintained garden area for annual barbecues. The communal lounge is used daily and activities are arranged weekly. Rochester Court is welcoming with a warm atmosphere. There is one lift, a kitchen and laundry and CCTV.

Ruth Court

Ruth Court, Medway Road, Bow, E3 5DS

Ruth Court has 24 one-bedroom flats on three floors, with one lift. Most flats have a private balcony or garden. There is a large communal lounge and kitchen, guest room, CCTV and garden.

Ted Roberts House

Ted Roberts House, Parmiter St, Bethnal Green, E2 9NH

Ted Roberts House has 24 one-bedroom flats and 6 two-bedroom flats over three floors with one lift. There are two wheelchair accessible flats. There is a large communal lounge/kitchen, laundry room, guest room, shower room and garden. Most flats have a private balcony or garden.

Vic Johnson House

Vic Johnson House, Armagh Road, Bow, E3 2HT

Vic Johnson House has 32 one-bedroom flats over three floors. There is one lift. There are two communal lounges and a large kitchen, a large garden, laundry, guestroom and CCTV.

William Cubitt Lodge

William Cubitt Lodge, 30 Pier Street, E14 3HR

William Cubitt Lodge (WCL) was built in 2015 opening its doors to residents in March. It replaces our previous scheme St Johns House on Pier Street which was built by the Isle of Dogs Housing Society around 1974.

There are 21 (sheltered) one bedroom flats which includes 4 adaptable flats for wheelchair users and also houses eight 2 bedroom older persons shared ownership (over 55’s) flats.  WCL is also the first scheme to accept residents younger than the standard criteria of being “over 60”. As long as residents are registered disabled and eligible to qualify for Supporting People payments they can qualify for our sheltered scheme.

WCL is also the first of its kind within Tower Hamlets to offer shared ownership homes for older people.