Equality Diversity and Inclusion



Gateway's vision is to support local communities to thrive.

We want people to come to Gateway because we have a reputation for having the best homes, services and the most inspiring impact on communities. 

At Gateway, we value people and respect their differences.

People from different backgrounds, experiences and differing points of view bring a richness of knowledge, helping us provide a better service to our customers.

We recognise that we work in diverse communities and that some groups are more likely to experience disadvantage and discrimination because of protected characteristics.

We are committed to knowing who our customers are and their needs to provide appropriate, accessible services.

We carry out equality assessments on all our policies to ensure that we provide accessible services for all our customers, staff and ensure our policies do not disadvantage any group. 

Recognising that 'one size does not fit all', we provide a range of opportunities for residents to get involved and to contribute their views.

We do not accept any form of harassment, and you would be breaching your tenancy agreement if you harassed anyone.

Employee Network

We have developed a staff network which raises awareness and supports our diverse workforce.

Gateway is a member of Future of London, and we are committed to the Diversity Pledge. We:

  • Hold public-facing events which include under-represented demographic groups (by gender, ethnicity, ability, age, etc.) as speakers.
  • Put forward speakers from under-represented groups to represent our organisation, including at senior levels.
  • Avoid participating in sessions which feature only one demographic group.


Leadership 2025 logo


We are also a Leadership 2025 Champion. Leadership 2025 Champions are those organisations which have signed up to implement the 'Altair review – creating a more ethnically diverse leadership across the housing sector'. Click here to read the report.

We are not required to publish gender pay gap results as an organisation with less than 250 employees.

We are, however, committed to Transparency in Pay and have undertaken this analysis to ensure pay parity. You can see our Click here to read 2022-23 Gender Pay Gap Report.