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We make every effort to get things right, but there may be times when our services do not meet your expectations


Customer opinion is very important to us and we want to hear from you if you feel that we have got something wrong. This can be done by using our complaints process, which provides an oppportunity for us to put things right quickly and effectively.


We define a complaint as: 

'an expression of dissatisfaction, however made, about the standard of service, actions or lack of action by the organisation, its own staff, or those acting on its behalf, affecting an individual resident or group of residents.'


We make every effort to get things right. However, there may be times when our services do not meet your expectations. Your opinions are very important to us and we want to hear from you if you feel that we have got something wrong or failed to deliver a service properly. 


What is not a complaint?


We will not treat any of the following as a complaint as these are examples of first service requests:


  • repairs that you have not already reported
  • repairs that are not completed and are still within our completion timescales
  • new reports of noise or anti-social behaviour
  • new applications for transfers or requests for mutual exchanges
  • requests for advice or information.


Any complaints must be made within six months of the origina event, or within six months of the complainant last contacting us about the issue.


We will not use this procedure to respond to legal action against us. If legal action is taken against us, we will stop any investigation we are making into a related complaint.


Housing Ombudsman Complaint Handling Code


The Housing Ombudsman published a new Complaint Handling Code in March 2022, which set out good practice and allow landlords to respond to complaints effectively and fairly. Landlords have been asked to complete a self-assessment against the code and publish the results. You can view our lastest Housing Ombudsman Complaint Handling Self Assessment here.


How to complain


We accept complaints in any of the following ways:


  • By telephone on 0208 709 4300
  • By Letter to Gateway Housing Association, 409-413 Mile End Road, London, E3 4PB
  • By visting our Mile End Head Office, as above, where we will also accept complaints from another person on your behalf, with your permission.
  • By email to


The Complaints Process


Our Complaints Process contains two internal stages which aids us in finding a resolution to a complaint as quickly as possible:


  • We will record all complaints we receive and report on how we have performed in the residents’ annual report.
  • We will contact you once we have sorted out your complaint to find out if you were satisfied with how we handled it.


Stage one


We will confirm receipt of your complaint within three working days. We will investigate and send you a full response within 10 working days.


Stage two


If you are not satisfied with our response to stage one, you can move to stage two by contacting us within 30 calendar days. We will refer your complaint to a senior manager of the service who will review the matter. We will send you a written response within 20 working days.


Complaints and Compensation Policy


Read our latest Complaints Policy here.

Read our latest Compensation Policy here.


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