Service Standards

Service standards

At Gateway Housing Association, we are committed to providing good landlord services to all our residents. To ensure that we are clear with our residents about what you should expect from us, we have developed the first set of service standards on core service areas. These are based on your feedback and we will develop more to make sure that you know what you should expect from and what we need from you. 

Communication with Customers

Open and clear communication forms the foundation of our customer service approach. We promise to be transparent, honest, and responsive in all our interactions with our residents. From answering queries to providing important updates, we will ensure our residents are well-informed at all times.

Service standard: Communication


Tenancy Management

We understand the importance of a secure and stable home. As such, our tenancy management practices are designed to provide comprehensive support to our residents. This includes assisting new residents with moving in, providing ongoing support throughout the tenancy, managing lease renewals, and ensuring a smooth transition when moving out.

Service standard: Tenancy Management 


Managing Your Rent

Paying your rent is an important is part of maintaining your tenancy or agreement with us. We are committed to making the process as straightforward and manageable as possible, and we offer a range of services and support to help you keep on top of your payments.

Service standard: Managing your rent 


Managing an Estate

We are committed to maintaining a safe, clean, and welcoming environment within our estate. This includes proactive and prompt management of all common areas, regular maintenance and inspections. We aim to provide an environment that our residents are proud to call home.

Service standard: Managing Your Estate 


Treating People Fairly

At Gateway Housing Association, respect and fairness are at the heart of everything we do. We are dedicated to treating all individuals with dignity, irrespective of their age, race, gender, disability, or any other protected characteristic. Our residents can always expect fair and non-discriminatory treatment from us.

Service standard: Treating People Fairly 


Involving Residents

We highly value our residents' insights and feedback. By involving residents in our decision-making processes, we believe that we can better address needs and make improvements to our services. We provide various platforms for residents to voice their ideas and feedback, to foster a vibrant and inclusive community.

Service standard: Involving You 


Domestic Abuse

We firmly believe that everyone has the right to feel safe and secure in their homes. Gateway Housing Association adopts a zero-tolerance approach to domestic abuse. We commit to working closely with local authorities and support agencies to ensure the safety and well-being of any residents experiencing or threatened with domestic abuse.

Service standard: Domestic Abuse


We continually strive for excellence and improvement in our services, and we deeply value customer feedback. We will regularly update these Service Standards to reflect the insights and suggestions we receive from our residents.