Shared Ownership Transfer

Shared Ownership transfer

We understand that personal circumstances change and you may need our assistance to update the ownership details of your home. For example, when joint owners separate, and one owner wishes to transfer their ownership to someone else or into the sole name of the joint owner, or an existing owner wants to add a partner's legal interest.

Gateway charges an administration and legal fee for processing your application to update the ownership details of your home. The administration and legal fees charged covers the Sales Team’s time to process your application and Gateway’s solicitor’s fee for drafting a Transfer Deed to legalise the change. The Transfer Deed is obligatory and all parties to be added to the Transfer Deed must be eligible for shared ownership.

We recommend that you seek independent legal and financial advice before making the application to change your ownership details.

View and Download the Shared Ownership Transfer Request Form

If you have any questions, please contact a member of the Sales Team –