Home Repairs and Maintenance

Our priority is to provide safe, well maintained and sustainable homes in the communities that we serve where everyone can thrive

The Repairs and Maintenance section of the website contains information on repairs, how to make them and what you can expect from Gateway. The decency standards that our homes must live up to are that they are:


  • Fit to live in. Homes that fail this standard may be structurally unstable, have damp and mould, have no suitable toilet, bath or shower.
  • Reasonable state of repair. Homes that fail this standard to be in a reasonable state of repair might have old roofs, electrics or windows.
  • Reasonably modern. A home will fail this standard to be reasonably modern if three or more conditions from a specific list apply. For instance, if the kitchen or bathroom both lack modern facilities, a kitchen is over 20 years old, a bathroom is over 30 years old, and the kitchen also has an inadequate layout.
  • Warm and weatherproof. A home will fail this standard if it has insufficient heating, or ineffective installations.

Our Repairs and Maintenance Service

Our repairs service, alongside our specialist contractors, provides a responsive service for day-to-day repairs. For more information please view Gateway's  Repairs and Maintenance Handbook or view our Customer Repairs Responsibilities Booklet if you are unsure about whether a repair is your responsiblity or not.

Please also refer to our Simple DIY pages to learn more about making reasonable efforts to fix a range of common repairs before contacting us. This can be things like how to turn off the water supply, clean a u-bend/trap, unblock a sink, replace a toilet seat, unblock a toilet, deal with fat waste and change a cylinder lock.

Reporting Home Repairs  

You can report all repairs by telephoning our Customer Services Team on 0208 709 4300 from 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday. Before contacting us to book a repair, please read our Customer Repairs Responsibilities Booklet to find out if a repair is our responsibility or yours. 

Repairs are attended to by our repairs and maintenance operatives and are split into emergency, urgent and non-urgent repairs. When reporting a repair, please provide:  

  • A clear description of the repair  
  • The best time for us to carry out the work  
  • Make arrangements for us to access your home 
  • Detail special circumstances we should know about
  • Provide your phone number and email address 

Report Repairs on the MyGateway Customer Portal 

The new MyGateway Customer Portal is due to launch in Spring 2023. The portal helps customers to manage and maintain their home online, and will provide customers with secure and easy access to a range of benefits: 

  • Report and manage home repairs requests
  • Access tenancy documents and update personal information  
  • Check the rent balance, rent statements and to pay rent 
  • Manage complaints, provide compliments and feedback 
  • Keep up to date with Gateway events and announcements 

All non-emergency repairs should be reported using the MyGateway Portal. Please do not report emergency repairs through the portal. To access the portal please register.

Reporting Emergency Repairs 

Emergency repairs relate to repairs where there is significant risk to customer’s health and safety, a property, or other buildings. If your repair is an emergency, please call us immediately on 020 8709 4300 24/7. Please do not report emergency repairs on the MyGateway Customer Portal. Emergency repairs that should be reported immediately include: 

  • Gas leaks 
  • Uncontainable water leaks 
  • Complete loss of heating and hot water 
  • Electrical or fire risk 
  • Property security