Report a repair


How to report a repair

You can report a repair in one of the following ways:

Report a repair 24/7 using 'Mygateway', online portal. You will need to register before you can use this service. To register got to MyGateway Portal

Call our customer service team freephone on 0800 052 9922 or 020 8709 4300 Monday to Friday 9am - 5pm.

Outside of these times, you can still report emergency repairs using the above phone numbers.

All non-emergency repairs should be reported during office hours or by using Mygateway portal.

When reporting a repair, please provide us with:

  • A clear description of what needs repairing and where it is
  • The best time for us to carry out the work
  • Arrangements for gaining access to your home
  • Details of any special circumstances we need to know about
  • Confirmation of your current phone number and email address


If your repair is an emergency, call us right away on 0800 052 9922(Freephone) or 020 8709 4300

For a guide to what we class as an emergency repair please visit Repair Timescales or

download a copy of Your Repairs Handbook.