Contractor code of conduct

We aim to provide you with a good quality service. Therefore, we use contractors who are able and have promised to carry out their work properly.

Before the contractor arrives

The contractor will:

  • check they have the repair details and where possible, arrange access with you;
  • respect religious events, holidays and festivals;
  • make sure they have what they need to do the job, including dust sheets and
  • make sure they have the right parking permits.

Meeting the resident

The contractor will:

  • show their identification card;
  • confirm the work they need to do with you and tell you how long it will take;
  • tell you if they have to disconnect your gas, water or electricity;
  • get any permission from you before they start work;
  • be polite and not racist or sexist and
  • be professional and not gossip about other residents, Gateway, our staff or other contractors.

Keeping clean and tidy

The contractor will:

  • use dust sheets if the work will cause a mess, and always try to avoid damaging your home or belongings;
  • move any furniture if they need to and put it back at the end of the day;
  • ask your permission before leaving materials or rubbish in your home or communal areas and
  • not smoke in your home.

Carrying out the work

The contractor will:

  • carry out their work in a safe way, and try to avoid causing disruption;
  • only use good-quality materials;
  • only go in rooms or areas where they are working in your home;
  • help keep the property secure by not leaving front doors open or leaving ladders where people could use them to get into the property;
  • take extra care if there are small children or people who can't move around very well by making sure that they don't leave things out that could be tripped over, or leaving dangerous items, such as electrical wires, exposed.
  • make sure you still have use of a toilet, cold and hot water, cooking facilities, lighting, and some form of heating (in winter)
  • only work between 8 am and 6 pm, Monday to Friday - unless an alternative time is arranged in advance.
  • give you clear advice on how to use any repaired items, and warn about wet paint.
  • ask you to sign a works order when they are finished (non-emergency repair work only).