Communal and Cyclical repairs

As well as responsibility for home repairs, we are responsible for some repairs to communal areas both inside blocks of flats and outside on estates

Cyclical Repairs

We have a planned programme of maintenance works for all our schemes. This is for communal internal and external decorations and is based on our stock condition survey. It is done on a 7-year rolling programme and is covered by the sinking fund, which is part of your service charge. You will be consulted on the scope of the works before they begin in your block. For more information, click here to read our Cyclical Repairs leaflet, or click the image on the right-hand side of this page.

External Decoration

We continuously carry out external decorations, including painting the outside of properties, window frames and doors.

We aim to:

  • Redecorate external areas every 7 years
  • Publish an annual cyclical redecoration programme
  • Let you know the scope of work and the contractor’s details by letter in advance before the work starts
  • Ask our contractors to let you know the start date of the work
  • Consult with you where possible and confirm any choices before work commences
  • Ask you to fill in a satisfaction survey

We ask that you:

  • Clear the area where the work will take place
  • Allow the contractor access to the home to conduct the work
  • Are tolerant of disruption the work may cause
  • Fill in the satisfaction survey within one week.

Communal Repairs

If you notice a repair is needed in the communal areas of your block, it is your responsibility to report it to us. This may include:

  • Broken entry system or door
  • No communal lighting
  • Worn carpets
  • Damaged cupboard doors
  • Blocked guttering, pipes and drains
  • Leaks
  • Bulk rubbish in the bin store
  • Garages and parking bays we own

For more information about cyclical, communcal or external decorations, please contact us on 020 8709 4300 or email