Asbestos is a natural rock that is mined and turned into fibres. It was used in the construction of buildings from the 1950s until the mid 1980s, while asbestos cement was used until 1999 in a variety of materials and premises. The dangers of exposure to asbestos are well documented.  Asbestos fibres are known to cause many conditions, primarily in the lungs.  Health and safety regulations now protect people against asbestos and its use in building is banned in the UK.


Asbestos only becomes a risk when the fibres become airborne. It will generally be released into the air if the material containing it is drilled, sanded, cut or broken. However this can also happen if it is in poor condition.

When asbestos is in good condition and not damaged it is not a danger. Once disturbed and its dust gets into the air there is a possible risk to health.

Our role

Our specialist asbestos contractor carries out asbestos surveys in our properties. We use the results to help us deal with your enquiries. The Asset Management Team coordinates all asbestos related issues.

All residents moving into our properties will be told whether the property contains asbestos or not.  A leaflet containing facts and contact information will be provided.

If you need more information, help or advice please call us on Freephone 0800 052 9922 or 020 8709 4300 from a moblie.

Works on your home

Major works

You should seek our approval first if you are planning major work in your home. If you think asbestos is present we can offer advice. If alterations are of your own undertaking, then any costs of removing asbestos if it is found will be yours.

DIY works

You should be cautious when carrying out any DIY work. The use of power tools could increase the amount of fibres released into your home's atmosphere.  Before any work, check for asbestos boards and if you have any doubts contact us for advice.


Some textured ceiling coatings, artex for example, are known to contain a small quantity of asbestos. Do not attempt to remove them especially with power tools. We can provide advice, so give us a call.

If you find asbestos

  • Don’t panic. Call us on Freephone 0800 052 9922 or 020 8709 4300 for advice;
  • Do not attempt to clean it up or repair it yourself and
  • Do not brush or vacuum as this will spread the fibres into the air.

For more information about asbestos call us or contact:

  • The Environment Agency on 0870 8506 506
  • The Health and Safety Executive website:;
  • Or call your local council’s environmental department.