Our Performance

As a responsible landlord, we ensure our Board, Executive Team, managers and staff are clear about our priorities and our business.

Performance across our business is reported reguarly to our senior management team and Board. We publish an Annual Report each year with information about our performance. You can find our latest Annual Report here.

You can see our financial statement for the year 2018-19 here:  Gateway Financial Statement

Gateway adopts the National Housing Federation (NHF) Code of Governance (2015) and NHF Code of Excellence in Standards of Conduct.

The Association is incorporated under the co-operative and Community Benefit Societies Act 2014 with Charitable objectives.

The Operating surplus for 2018/19 was over £5.5m, a small improvement on the figure of £5m from the previous year. Staircasing sales and other property disposals brought in a further £3.3m. 

Overall before pension adjustments the surplus was £6.4m against last year's surplus of £3.9m. 

The budget for 2019/20 surplus is set at £6.7m.

Value for Money 2018/2019

In 2018/19, Gateway’s G1/V1 rating has been maintained.

Gateway is financially secure with further funding secured in September 2018.

Homeworks, our in-house contractors, delivered a full year's programme of kitchens, bathrooms, voids, cyclical decorations and fire safety actions. Overall satisfaction was 83% against a target of 90%. 

The development pipeline remains strong with a number of schemes gaining planning permission this year. Several schemes are on site with 36 units on track to be built during 2019-20.

At the beginning of 2018-19 to unlock our best performance we launched our five master keys. Our master keys are the satisfaction levels for our priority performance indicators. These are set out below.

Unlocking Performance Master Keys 2018/19

  Target Actual
Satisfaction with overall service 75% 61%
Satisfaction with repairs and maintenance 90% 83%
Satisfaction with employer 70% 76%
Satisfaction with complaints handling 55% 45%
Operating margin (excl all sales) 30% 22.7%


Investing in New Homes

Gateway is committed to the Mayor's Homes for Londoners programme. Our vision is to build 500 new homes by 2020, and we're on track to deliver. 

231 new homes have been built already, with a further 305 homes to be delivered by 2020/21. This is an increase of 17% of our stock, at a cost of £200m, a major investment and a considerable increase in the number of homes Gateway owns. 

Investing in Existing Homes

Gateway is committed to ensuring all its homes meet Decent Homes Standards and invest in our homes each year to ensure that they do. 

Homeworks as our in-house contractor is responsible for day to day repairs, refurbishment of our voids, refurbishment of kitches and bathrooms, estate cleaning and communal and external repairs and redecoration. 

As part of this, we invested in major works this year:

  •  £440,000 in windows
  • £340,000 in kitchens
  • £180,000 in boilers
  • £170,000 in bathrooms

Complaints Performance 2018/19

We know that when something goes wrong how we handle it can make a huge difference to our residents. 

In the 2018-19 financial year we reccieved 177 complaints, of which 125 (71%) were completed within our target timescale of 10 days. 

This year just three cases were escalated to the second stage compared with 21 in the previous year. We believe this is due to a more consistent approach and tighter monitoring of complaints once they're raised. 

A small number of exceptionally complex complaints took us considerably longer than 10 days to resolve. This meant that the average resolution time rose to 49 days, from 25 the previous year. We're committed to ensuring that these numbers come down in the coming year. 

Health & Safety Statement of Intent 2019/20

View and Download Health & Safety of Intent 2019/20 here.