Repair timescales

We aim to carry out repairs as soon as possible and complete them within our target times, depending on the type of repair and how urgent it is.

Emergency repairs

Respond within four hours and complete within 24hours

  • Where premises are unsafe following vandalism, racial attack or domestic violence.
  • Where the door entry system is faulty and residents or visitors cannot enter or leave the block (we will do a temporary repair so people can get in and out of the building).
  • Blocked drains forcing water back up into the wash basin, bath, sink or toilet.
  • No cold water supply.
  • No heating or hot water between 30 September and 31 March.
  • Toilet not flushing if it is the only toilet in the property.
  • No electricity.
  • Unsafe power supply, lighting sockets or electrical fittings.
  • No lighting on shared staircases.
  • Storm, accident or flood damage to the building.
  • Faulty lift (if it is the only lift that goes to every floor).
  • Replacing broken glass where there is a security or injury risk.
  • Removing obscene and racist graffiti from shared areas.

Urgent Repairs

Respond and complete within seven days

  • No electricity to part of your home.
  • No water supply to part of your home.
  • No heating or hot water between 1 April and 30 September.
  • Door entry system not working (full repair).
  • Tap you cannot turn off.
  • Banister or handrail that is loose or has come away from it’s fittings.
  • Rotten timber flooring or stairs.
  • All non-emergency repairs.
  • Leaking roof, gutters or downpipes, if they are causing dampness in the property.
  • Replacing windows (where they are our responsibility).
  • Outside doors and windows that are not safe (where this is not an emergency).
  • Loose or broken floorboards (where they are dangerous).
  • Falling plaster (where it is likely to be dangerous).

Routine repairs

Respond and complete within thirty days 

  • Renewing or replacing storage tanks.
  • Renewing any immersion heater or sanitary ware (toilet bowls, cisterns and so on ) which does not work or is unhygienic and not covered by other priorities.
  • Repairing or renewing waste-water pipes, faulty ball valves or faulty taps.
  • Repairs to faulty central heating appliances not covered by other priorities.
  • Replacing outside windows and doors.
  • Repairing blocked gutters and rainwater pipes.
  • Minor repairs to steps and staircases.
  • Removing graffiti which is not offensive.
  • All repairs other than those listed above which affect the tenants personal comfort or safety, and which are not the tenants responsibility.
  • Some repairs may take longer than 30 days and may be classified as planned works with a 90 day target.


For vulnerable tenants, for example, people who are frail or disabled and those who live in sheltered housing, we may treat routine repairs as urgent, and treat urgent repairs as emergencies

For further information you can download our Responsive Repairs Policy and Procedure