Learning and Development

Image of Laptop on a desk

We are keen to invest in the personal and professional development of our staff with a wide range of Learning & Development opportunities including accredited training, conferences, mentoring and coaching.


Our Ambitions:

  • To have a defined career path for each role.
  • Make the best use of the apprenticeship levy to provide opportunities for all.
  • Progress colleagues through professional qualifications

Gateway Housing Association currently sets aside 15% of the learning and development budget to sponsor staff to achieve professional qualifications.

We will reimburse or pay for annual subscriptions to professional bodies.


What we will do:

Create a culture of continuous learning and growth

  • Provide development programmes, learning plans and a clear career path for all job roles
  • Increase apprenticeships and graduate trainee programmes which support Directorate workforce plans
  • Develop best practices within the organisation.


The future of learning within Gateway:

Is about personal responsibility where you are in control and can learn from your colleagues, across departmental learning and share what you have learnt, So, don’t wait to be told what learning you need to do, explore the opportunities

  • On the job training and development
  • In House Training
  • Electronic learning: the delivery of learning and training through our digital resources
  • Job Shadowing
  • Secondment
  • Workshops/ One-off Conferences/Seminars / External events
  • Coaching & mentoring (by internally Staff /Manager or external specialist)
  • Academic/Professional Qualifications

We know people learn in different ways and we have developed all our learning with you in mind. We work closely with departments to make sure that our learning is suitable across all job roles.