Future of London announces Becky Utuka has been appointed to their board | News

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Future of London announces Becky Utuka has been appointed to their board

Becky Utuka, Director of Sales and Development

Earlier this week, Future of London announced that Becky Utuka, Director of Development and Sales, was appointed to their board.

Becky started her career as a Graduate Project Officer 14 years ago. She has extensive Development and Project Management experience, having worked in the Development teams of several housing associations, including Swan Housing Association, Network Homes and Peabody. Becky has an MSc in Real Estate Development and Investment and a PGDip in Surveying.


Becky has a strong sense that she has landed where she belongs when it comes to a career in social housing. She’s passionate about playing her part to help solve the housing crises, help build capacity and talent in the housing sector.


Becky said, “ As an alumnus of FoL, I’m delighted to be appointed to Future of London Board of Directors. It’s a great opportunity for me to give back, learn, and diversify the sector.”


Future of London helps build better cities through knowledge, networks and leadership – across disciplines, organisations and sectors. FoL is the capital’s independent network for regeneration, housing, infrastructure and economic development practitioners, with 5,000+ professionals using FoL as a hub for sector intelligence, connection and professional development, and a mandate to prepare the next wave of cross-sector city leaders.




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