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People Authorised to Act on your Behalf — Important Information

We understand that it is sometimes necessary or preferable for you to ask us to deal with a representative (e.g. a friend or family member) about your relationship and dealings with us. We refer to this as a delegated authority.


Appointing someone as a ‘delegated authority’ means that we will communicate with them and share details with them about matters concerning your relationship with Gateway Housing Association.


Depending on the nature of your relationship with us and your own personal (or indeed family) circumstances, this could involve a whole range of issues and potentially touch on sensitive or confidential matters (for example if you have health issues affecting your housing or if you’re engaged with one of our specialist teams such as Tenancy Sustainment). Therefore, it’s important that you tell us if you have specific requirements about what your representative can and can’t deal with. It is your responsibility to be clear with your representative about the instructions you have put in place with us so that they too can be very clear on their remit (and any limitations).


If you don’t tell us about any specific restrictions to apply, we will accept that your representative has your full authority to deal with us on all matters relating to your relationship with Gateway Housing Association. However, to ensure we deliver the best service to you, and manage your personal, sensitive, and confidential information appropriately, we reserve the right to always question directly with you if we are unsure or uncomfortable with a request/communication from your representative.


It’s important that you understand that authorising a person to act on your behalf does not take away your right to contact Gateway Housing Association directly as you need/want to.


For more information click here to download and view the Delegated Authority Form.