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Gateway to Change - Thank you!

At Gateway Housing Association we have made a larger commitment than the standard regulatory requirement to implement and have meaningful engagement. As part of this, we launched 'Gateway to Change' at the end of June. This was our first survey focusing on how we engage, improve, and how we involve you in our services. Over six weeks a total of 175 surveys were completed. We've analysed the results and want to tell you about the next stage of this exciting journey.

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Get Involved!

We don't want the engagement to stop because of social distancing, so we're taking you online! Our first set of workshops will focus on providing residents of all abilities with the skills to engage online, using tools such as Zoom and Microsoft Teams! It will give you the confidence to stay in touch with friends and family, complete online job interviews, host meetings, and to join our engagement onboarding sessions.


From 26 October 2020, we will be providing independent led online sessions for residents, where you'll discover what engagement is available, how you can help improve Gateway's services and shape the future of resident engagement. Thank you to those who participated in our first-ever engagement survey. If you missed out and would like to get involved, there's still plenty of time and opportunities to get involved. 

To register your interest contact us at 

Gemma Findlay|Resident Engagement Co-ordinator

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