Building and Fire Safety

The safety of residents is our number one priority. We have robust procedures and comprehensive controls in place regarding fire safety which are reviewed and tested on a regular basis. Your safety is our top concern – that is why we carry out fire risk assessments as required by law.


Gateway has a comprehensive fire safety policy and we ensure compliance with legislation and good practice guidance. Your property has regular independent Fire Risk Assessments and any actions identified are promptly acted upon and monitored until completed. We work with the fire service to ensure we have plans in place to safely evacuate our properties. Please ensure you are familiar with the Fire Safety Notice for your building which is posted in the lobbies and communal areas.


All buildings are now affected by new legislation being passed by the Government to meet compliance guidelines regarding fire safety within the external wall by having an external wall survey (EWS) carried out.

Gateway are now planning on carrying out building assessments and progress on matters being resolved.


  1. Why do you need to inspect my building?
  2. Is My Building Included?
  3. What is a EWS Assessment?
  4. What type of Building needs to have EWS1 forms?
  5. What is the EWS process?
  6. Will I receive a copy of the survey?
  7. Who can I speak to about any queries?
  8. Who will carry out the RAGS Assessment?
  9. Do I need to provide access to my flat?
  10. How does this affect selling/ staircasing/remortgage my flat?
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Why do you need to inspect my building?

Since the tragic fire at Grenfell Tower in 2017, the government has amended the building safety guidelines by issuing a series of advice notes and processes for building owners.

In order to comply and pass the safety standards we need to ensure that all building safety guidelines as outlined in the Ministry of Housing and Local Communities advice notes are fulfilled. Gateway Housing will be following through on a staged program of Desktop Surveys, recommended Intrusive surveys and follow up remedial works if necessary, to the external wall and structures of buildings and the materials being non-combustible.

The following link gives a clearer explanation on why and in which circumstances lenders require an EWS1 form to be completed before a sale can complete.

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