More than half of the house fires and fire related injuries start in the kitchen than anywhere else in the home which means it is important to be alert and learn how to maintain safety


  • If you have to leave the kitchen whilst you’re cooking, please don’t leave pans unattended - the safest thing to do is swich off the hob and take pans off the heat until you come back in


  • When you’ve finished cooking, double-check that everything is off – including the oven and hob - and that any hot surfaces are clear


  • Be careful of wearing loose clothing when you cook and keep tea towels and dish cloths clear of the hob or cooker


  • Over time, grease can build up in the oven, hob and extractor – keeping them clean will reduce the risk of fire


  • Don’t cook if you’re feeling tired, have been drinking alcohol or are on medication that makes you feel drowsy


  • If you use a toaster, make sure it’s not directly below cupboards when in use.


Did you know?


Cooking appliances were responsible for 45 per cent of accidental dwelling fires, but only 11 per cent of fire-related fatalities in the year ending March 2022. Smoking materials showed the reverse pattern, accounting for only seven per cent of accidental dwelling fires, but resulting in 24 per cent of fire-related fatalities.


Want to know more?


To learn about cooking safety to protect against fire in the kitchen, please read the London Fire Brigade's guidance on cooking safely here. And to find out more about the types of fires that have been attended to visit.