Person Centred Fire Risk Assessments

Customers may have issues with mobility or perception which can mean that individuals and families are more at risk from dangers like escaping from a fire and smoke environment

It may be that an individual goes onto a medication that affects their perception by causes drowsiness, or they may experience an injury that leaves them less mobile. Whatever the reason, type of injury or illness, and whether it is long-term or short term, by letting us know we can arrange for a Person-Centred Fire Risk Assessment (PCFRA), can help us to create a Personal emergency evacuation Plan (PEEP). This means that we will be aware of the customers who may need help in escaping a fire and add basic details and location within a building so should such an emergency occur, the Fire and Rescue Services are aware.

What is a Person-Centred Fire Risk Assessment (PCFRA)?

A PCFRA is a simple risk assessment process, completed with customers that considers their individual characteristics, behaviours and capabilities. The purpose is to identify customers that may have a ‘higher risk’ from fire, and to help consider what actions/control measures may need to be taken to reduce those risks to a reasonable level.

What is a Personal Emergency Evacuation Plan (PEEP)?

A PEEP is a documented plan of action agreed with residents of flats/rooms that have a mobility impairment or reduced capacity to self-evacuate in the event of a fire.

What should they include?

It should include any actions that you should take yourself if a fire occurs in your own home such as operating an alarm or pendant, and what actions may then be needed by staff (if present) or by the Fire Service if they decide that a resident needs to be evacuated due to a fire in another part of the building. It may also include more details about the methods of evacuating a resident and any equipment needed. Find out more about the PCFRA or the PEEPS on the London Fire Brigade’s website here.

How to contact Gateway

Gateway’s Customer Services lines are open Monday to Friday from 9 am - 5 pm for you to make an appointment for a Homeworks operative to visit your home to address any issues you are experiencing.

Telephone: 020 8709 4300


You can contact us in confidence to arrange an assessment. The details are held line with GDPR requirements and can be removed from our data when no longer required.