Parking on our estates

Responsible Parking

Please ensure you:

  • Only park on your drive or in your particular parking space
  • Ask your visitors do not park in anyone else's parking space;
  • Do not park anywhere that could block the way for emergency vehicles, pedestrians, wheelchairs or children's buggies;
  • Always lock your car;
  • Do not park a caravan, motor home or any other vehicle in your garden, in the parking areas or on the street without getting our permission in writing;
  • Do not keep an unroadworthy or untaxed vehicle on your estate;
  • Do not carry out major car repairs on your estate;
  • Do not play loud music from your car stereo;
  • Do not slam your car doors 
  • Are considerate to your neighbours.

Car-free agreements

A car-free agreement may apply to your home, especially if it was built after 1990.

This will have been part of the planning agreement when the homes were built and it means that you will not be able to get a council parking permit for parking on the street close to your home.

If you already have a parking permit and you are moved to a home which has a car-free agreement because your home is being demolished, or you have an 'orange badge' for disabled parking, you can keep your parking permit.

How do I apply for a parking permit?

If you live on a Gateway estate with parking controls, you can apply for a parking permit by contacting your Resident Services Specialist. This permit will allow you to park in a particular parking space.

There are often more cars than parking spaces, and we will provide permits as and when spaces become available.

You must let your housing officer know if you change your car so we can send you a new parking permit.

What happens if I park without a permit?

If you park on one of our estates with parking controls and you do not have a valid permit, you may get a parking fine.

Can I get a visitors' parking permit?

You can receive a visitors' parking permit by contacting your Resident Services Specialist.