Policy Review Panel

Join our Policy Review Panel to help us to shape the future of your community as we update and create new customer focussed policies throughout 2023


We are currently recruiting for our first Policy Review Panel and invite customers to apply to join. Our customers views and opinions are important to use. Including our diverse communities in the process of the shaping of our policies is an important step in supporting communities to thrive.


The objective of the Policy Review Panel is to enable the development of more customer friendly policies based on seeking customer input. By joining the panel, you will play an essential role in creating policies that better serve our residents and help shape a stronger and more sustainable community.


We are reviewing all customer focused policies to ensure that they are clear and understandable to customers, drive a positive delivery of services with simplified outcomes that meet customer's needs and provide positive impacts.


What are we looking for?


We are looking to recruit dedicated customers from diverse tenancy backgrounds to join the panel and help us review existing policies and also help to co-create new policies.


We will select a number of customers to review each policy that we review. The Policy Review Panel will be required to meet throughout the year as necessary. Therefore, flexibility around your time is desirable. All customers taking part will be provided with training and support to help them understand what is required. We will also provide both online and in-person sessions at our Head Office at Mile End.


How to apply?


To apply to join the panel, please complete the short application form at the base of the page, and take the first step in helping to shape the future of your community. You will be paid £10 for each policy in Amazon vouchers following the completion of the exercise.


Please complete the application form here and we will be in touch with more information on next steps.