Resident Scrutiny Panel

Resident Scrutiny Panel

The Resident Scrutiny Panel come from diverse backgrounds that represent the wide range of our residents.

What is the Resident Scrutiny Panel?

The resident scrutiny panel is a group of Gateway residents who examine our service areas in detail and make recommendations to the Board for improvement. 

Why do we need the panel?

The scrutiny panel brings the expertise of our residents and staff together. It ensures residents are engaged with Gateway's services and processes and represents their views on how to make improvements. 

What are the aims of the panel? 

Take an independent view of Gateway's performance - Establish priorities for reviewing performance - Oversee resident-led scrutiny activities - Collect evidence to enable services to be scrutinised.

Over the past few years, the panel has undertaken detailed scrutiny projects in several areas, including repairs, welfare reform, resident involvement, complaints and anti-social behaviour (ASB).

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