Resident Scrutiny Panel

The Resident Scrutiny Panel one of the most important panels as it enables residents to have the opportunity to carry out an independent review on a specific topics or services


You will be interviewing our staff, reviewing internal processes, and reaching out to our residents to understand their experiences. By the end of this review, the panel members will suggest recommendations to be considered by the Board of Gateway Housing Association.


What does recruitment involve?


  • We usually recruit 5 -10 residents for our Resident Scrutiny Panel (RSP) and willing to pay £300 in vouchers for their time, for each service review they complete.


  • Please note we currently have a panel in place for the first service review of 2023.


  • If you are interested in joining the panel when the next service review takes place, please visit this link to familiarise yourself with our process.


  • Normally our aim is to carry out about 2 - 3 service reviews a year and continually give the opportunity for new residents to join the panel.


What happens after the review?


By the end of this review, the panel members can put forward recommendations to be accepted by Gateway. In previous years, through the work of the Resident Scrutiny Panel, we have been able to improve services by:


  • Establishing an in-house repairs contractor “HomeWorks”


  • Creating a new CI team to bring more activities to the community


  • Improving the online complaint procedure


  • Making sure we have a dedicated person to handle Anti-Social Behaviour


Who are the current panel members


We will be posting regular updates through our news feed or homepage. We recently recruited our RSP in November and will shortly be publishing an article soon.