Cleaning the u-bend/trap

Cleaning the u-bend/trap

If you cannot clear a blocked sink with the plunger the next step is to take the u-bend or trap apart which is an easy task as most are able to be un-screwed


  • Put a bowl under the trap to catch the water trapped in the pipes.


  • Unscrew the joints and remove the trap, rememberging to not lose the rubber seal rings that are with them.


  • Remember not to use the taps or pour water into the sink, as it will go all over the floor until you replace the trap.


  • Clean the trap by using an old toothbrush with hot water.


  • Put it back together, making sure all the rubber rings are in the right place and the joints are screwed up tight.


  • Run some water through to check that there are no leaks from the joints.


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