How to unblock a sink or basin

How to unblock a sink or basin

Sink blockages are caused by food and other waste getting stuck in the u-bend or pipes where a simple plunger is the best way of clearing this.


Most sinks get blocked by hair, food or a small objects that can get stuck down the plug. The best way to fix a blocked sink is by using a plunger, rather than strong chemicals, like caustic soda. This is because if they do not work, customers will be left with a sink full of chemicals to deal with.


Before customers request a repair, they must show that reasonable efforts to unblock the sink have been made. Please follow these simple steps to do this:


  • First make sure that as much liquid has been removed from the sink by using a cup.


  • Cover the overflow hole in the sink, and place the plunger over the plughole, then push up and down to force a jet of water along the waste pipes.


  • If this does not work, it is advisable to see if removing water from the system helps. Put a bucket under the trap in the pipework and unscrew the collar. Water should flow out into the bucket and the blockage should clear.


  • If the sink is still blocked, put the bucket back under the trap in the pipework and unscrew the collar again. This time, put some flexible wire into the pipe to try and dislodge the material causing the block.


  • If the above steps do not resolve the issue, then it is likely the drain that is blocked’s blocked.


Please check against your repairs and reponsibilities before contacting us to book a repair. You can request a repair here, where we ask that you let us know what steps you have taken to resolve the issue.


If your sink regularly gets blocked, it could be that fat waste is causing it. Read more here.