How to unblock a toilet

Unblocking a toilet is not much fun, but is a simple task if done correctly. Before calling us, customers must show that they have made reasonable efforts to unblock the toilet.


Below is a simple guide of the steps to unblocking a toilet and what action may be required to resolve the issue. Before reporting the issue to us, please undertake these steps to try to resolve the problem.


  • First, remove as much paper and water from the toilet as is possible using a bucket.


  • Put a plunger at the bottom of the toilet, then push up and down to force a jet of water along the waste pipes.


  • If you do not have a plunger, use a piece of flexible wire to try to clear any blockages.


  • If this does not work, the issue may be further along the waste pipe. In this case, customers need to go outside of the property to find the nearest drain cover to the toilet.


  • If the chamber is full, the blockage is further along the waste pipe and out of reach, which requires a professional to carry out work.


Before contacting us to book a repair, please check the repairs responsibilities to check who is responsible. Please contact us to book the repair here and let us know what reasonable steps have been taken to resolve the issue.