Report a Repair

There are several ways to report a repair and receive a repair appointment slot for choice, convenience and flexibility

Reporting a repair  

Home repairs are attended to by our repairs and maintenance operatives, and are split into emergency, urgent and non-urgent repairs. To book a repair, telephone our Customer Services Team on 0208 709 4300 from 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday.

Before contacting us to book a repair, find out Your Responsibilities. 

Please ensure that you have made attempts to resolve common issues, detailed on our Simple DIY pages before contacting us.

When reporting a repair, provide: 

  • A clear description of the repair  
  • The best time for us to carry out the work  
  • Make arrangements for us to access your home 
  • Detail special circumstances we should know about
  • Provide your phone number and email address 

If multiple visits are needed to resolve an issue, we will offer an appointment for the first visit, and our contractor will discuss future access arrangements directly with the tenant at their first appointment.

If the tenant misses a pre-agreed appointment, the job will be cancelled, and a card left at the property by the contractor informing the customer of an alternative appointment. Tenants have the opportunity to accept the alternative appointment, or to call to arrange a more suitable appointment. In situations where tenants have missed two or more appointments, they may be charged for any additional costs incurred.

If a contractor or sub-contractor, operative or supervisor/surveyor fails to attend an appointment, a fixed compensation payment will be made, and the cost recharged to the contractor or sub-contractor if appropriate.

If the appointment is to deal with an emergency e.g., a serious water leak causing damage to the fabric of the property, or a health and safety risk is present, it may be necessary to force access to the property.